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I love it so much!--



It's my first co-ord with a headbow too LOL
I like it o3o

I hadn't really seen many people wear Royal Poodle before (maybe I just live under a rock or something) but I've always thought it was pretty. I never expected to love it this much though. There's rhinestones on the bow on the dress! xDD
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North East Lolita Meet

Sup d00ds.

So, we've pretty much sorted the whole thing, but there's a few more little niggly things that we need to figure out before I can book, but here's what we have so far:

Date: Saturday 29th Jan
Meeting time: ???
Activities: Meal at Pizza Hut, possibly ice skating afterwards?
Booking time for Pizza Hut: ???

Anyway, here's the link to the menu on the pizza hut website:

Purj aka paige_nevaeh
Fran aka ashes_to_rain
Loser aka arisunomori
Katie aka adorrabubble
Liala aka yumichan12

Basically, this is just an easier way to keep track of the whole discussion and shit.
Also, I know it's a pain but if you could comment with a confirmation whether you can come or not, that'd be sweet :3